Pflege-Einsatz auf der Bickenbacher Düne

 21. September 2019
Datum/Zeit - Sa 21.09.2019 10:00 - 14:00


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Bickenbacher Düne is a preglacial dune hosting several rare plant species. To conserve this characteristic, invasive species like blackberry, Bermuda grass (aka as dog’s teeth), and others must be taken out regularly. This is a lot of manual work, but not difficult to do.

This event is our third bigger one this year in that area, under the lead of our partner organisation BUND (they are in charge of this nature conservation area). All needed tools will be provided, but please bring your working gloves. At the end, there will be a small lunch to feed the hungry helpers. For this reason, it would be good if you registered using the contact form below.

Also, since this is far away from any public transport, if you want to come from Darmstadt by tram (line 8 vs. Alsbach), we can pick you up at the stop „Im Güldenen Wingert“ in Seeheim (first stop after Malchen, sorry, no additional service possible). You will find Tino with some signs of NABU waiting for you. IMPORTANT: please register below and state that you need a pick-up. You can find the HEAG timetable for this line here.

Luftbild Bickenbacher Düne 05

Luftbild: Archiv – Bickenbacher Düne

Wir wollen die Bickenbacher Düne von Brombeere und anderen unerwünschten Pflanzen befreien, damit die seltenen Pflanzen der eiszeitlichen Binnendüne grössere Chancen erhalten.

Bickenbacher Düne 03

Foto: Archiv – Pflegeeinsatz auf der Bickenbacher Düne im April 2016.

Dies ist der zweite Pflege-Einsatz auf der Bickenbacheer Düne in diesem Jahr.

Bitte Arbeitshandschuhe mitbringen, Werkzeug wird gestellt.

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Leitung: Wolfgang Feiss, Tino Westphal

Veranstalter: BUND Seeheim

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