Mrz 152014

Eckis Naturgarten

On Saturday 15 March 2014 around 10 of Better Worl Club members met at Ecki’s garden in Malchen to kick off a new project of rewilding members’ private gardens. It was a highly informative couple of hours even if rather chilly. Ecki kindly showed us around his wonderful garden designed to give birds, insects, amphibians and small mammals the perfect refugium yet still being completely inviting for human inhabitants. Gordon kindly took footage of the whole event from various places around Ecki’s garden having to carry heavy equipment up and down a rather sloped garden of more than thousand square meters. His video will take some time to process and will be posted in due course. In the meantime here is an amateur slideshow of the day:

The next step will be to meet and prepare a working plan for the first garden. The focus will be on some relatively easy and quick to implement projects.  If you would like to be kept informed please contact Michael, who has kindly volunteered to coordinate this project.

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