60 Jahre NABU Seeheim – 60 Bäume für den Blütenhang

 12. November 2016
Datum/Zeit - Sa 12.11.2016 10:00 - 16:00


Aktion Kirschgarten

Aktion Kirschgarten

60 Jahre NABU Seeheim. Wir wollen 60 Obstbäume am Blütenhang pflanzen. 

Die erste Baumblüte in Deutschland gibt es an der Bergstraße. Der größte Teil dieser einmaligen Landschaft ist bereits zugebaut. Hinter Alsbach fängt der Weinbau an. Der südliche Teil der Bergstraße wird Badische Weinstraße genannt. Auch dort gibt es nur wenige Kirschbäume.

Im geplanten Kirschgarten am Blütenhang werden verschiedene Kirschsorten, aber auch andere Hochstamm-Obstbäume angepflanzt.

This is an invitation to a really exciting nature work event with NABU Seeheim. For their 60-years anniversary, they are going to plant 60 fruit trees on a strip of land between Malchen and Seeheim, in the area known as „Blütenhang“. This is one of the few places in Germany where blossoming of trees actually begins each spring, much earlier than in other parts. There was a time when the entire slope of the Bergstrasse was shining white each April and May, but due to neglect (who still owns and cares for an apple tree garden?) and the advent of wine orchards south of Alsbach this is slowly declining.

NABU wants to revive this wonderful landscape, and you can be part of it!

On Saturday November 12 the 60 trees are going to be planted, some 30 larger cherry trees of various sorts, plus the smaller almond, hazelnut, mirabelle, greengage plum, plum, etc.  

If you wish, you can also become a „Baum-Sponsor“, which means donating some 30 euro for a tree which can also carry a plate with your name on it. This will become „your“ tree and you are invited to help see it through the first difficult years. See http://nabu-seeheim.de/baum-sponsoren-gesucht/.

In any case, this is going to be a very interesting event. You will learn something about the different tree species, and how to plant a tree. The majority of holes will be done with the help of a small digger, you may also want to give it a try. I am pretty sure there will also be some catering (I am actually the one planning the works for this event). 

So, if I managed to wet your appetite, please tell me if you will come, Saturday 12.11 10:00, opposite „Röderhof“ on the old B3 south of Malchen. We need to have an idea about the number of people coming, for provision of tools, food, and drinks. 

Looking forward to seeing you

Treffpunkt: Radweg an der Alten Bergstrasse zwischen Seeheim und Malchen auf Höhe Röderhof. Parken gegenüber der Strasse an der Kleingartenanlage.

Veranstalter: NABU Seeheim.
Leitung: Michael Theurich.
Pressekontakt: Stefan Leng – Telefon: 06257 / 9699535 eMail: Stefan.Leng@gmx.de
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